Comprehensive Substance Abuse Treatment Facilities At Nak Union Behavioral Health

Nak Union Behavioral Health completely identifies with how addictions can affect an individual’s life. Substance abuse recovery requires a realistic approach for coming out of one’s dependencies. Our substance abuse rehab program is geared towards offering the highest quality care and evidence-based techniques to treat every possible disorder arising from addiction. We are completely focused on providing the best opportunities to all of our patients for long-lasting recovery through our incredible substance abuse treatment facilities.
By building upon years of research on treatment of addictions and dependencies, we have been able to come up with a multi-functional substance abuse treatment center that is built to combine and harmonize the various facets of therapy. Our substance abuse treatment facilities are focused on enhancing a patient’s health and tracking his/her recovery progress. With our dedication towards the treatment of individuals with these disorders, we have been able to help many adults and families in leading better lives. We provide comprehensive substance abuse treatments including hindrance, involvement, detoxification, practical therapies, inpatient and outpatient treatments, dual-diagnosis support and family education.

Highest-Quality Values and Performance:

At Nak Union Behavioral Health  substance abuse rehab, we are committed towards offering the finest level of safety and support to our patients. We conduct performance and procedure reviews of all our patients at regular intervals of time. This never-ending practice helps us to understand their needs and offer them with a solution to long-lasting recovery. Our substance abuse treatment centers comply with strict codes of confidentiality and make sure that patient information is not shared illegally with anyone.

Experienced and Dedicated Team of Substance Abuse Treatment Professionals:

At Nak Union Behavioral Health, a huge team of licensed and certified professionals such as counselors, psychiatrists, and social workers come together to serve the patients with the best possible services and advice to assist you down the road of substance abuse recovery. From the very start of the treatment, we will serve you with the best of medical professionals for your care, safety and support. Our team will regularly discuss and access the patients’ progress to come up with targeted solutions that are geared towards their specific treatment requirements.
A joyous and addiction free life is waiting for you! Call us NOW to speak to any of our substance abuse treatment professionals!