The purpose of Nak Union Union Behavioral Health is to: support the transition of recovering addicts in the Metro Atlanta currently making their way back into society.

Nak Union Behavioral Health will support all aspects of the transition including obtaining needed documents to assist with the job search (Birth Certificate, Georgia Identification Cards, Social Security Numbers); collaborating with communities to assist with the development of resumes, and facilitate job searches.  Depending on the needs of the specific participant, he/she will be referred to the relevant resource(s) in the community or in the State of Georgia. 

The following section includes specific goals, objectives and performance indicators associated with this program.

GOAL I: NAK Union Behavioral Healthwill promote healthy, social and occupational transitions to the community by supporting at least 300 recovering addicts over the next three years.

Objective A: 100% of recovering addicts will be fully apprised of the treatment plan developed by their case manager within 2 weeks of initiating program participation.

Performance Indicator 1: The recovering addicts treatment plan that specifies his/her responsibilities in the program. The recovering addict’s written statement will be maintained in Nak Union Behavioral Health  files.

Objective B: Within 1 month of entry into the program, 100% of ex-recovering addicts participants will be assessed in terms of needs- housing, education, employment, mental illness, substance abuse, family stability, etc.- to determine needed referrals and resources.

Performance Indicator 1: A record of assessment scores, the date the assessment was administered, and any comments related to the assessment procedures and findings will be made. In the case an ex-recovering addicts is not able to read and write a program staff member will translate into writing the recovering addicts participants verbal proclamation of understanding which will be maintained in the recovering addicts participant’s file and the information system.

GOAL II: The NAK Union Behavioral Health will provide each participant, at minimum, one referral during the course of the program.

Objective A: Each recovering addicts re-entry plan will reflect linkages between Nak Union Union Behavioral Health and community service providers to maximize use of existing state and local resources.

Performance Indicator 1: Collaboration will be verified through the existence of written referral forms completed by NAK UNION Behavioral Health staff to the various and appropriate community service providers.

Objective B: Within the first six months of the initiation of the NAK Union Recovering Addicts , 75% of community service providers, existing volunteers, and program staff are trained on current best practices, as identified in the research literature, related to ex-recovering addicts treatment. 

Performance Indicator 1: Representatives of community service agencies, volunteers, correctional and treatment program staff will attend one of two 4-hour training sessions within the first six months of the initiation of the NAK Union Recovering Addicts. Training sessions will include, at a minimum, an overview of the treatment program and best practices, as well as content related to mental illness, substance abuse, housing, employment, and social needs of recovering addicts. 

Performance Indicator 2: Representatives of community service agencies, volunteers, and re-entry program staffs will also attend one 4-hour training session which addresses barriers to re-entry, recovering addicts and family relations, and expectations of recovering addicts, diversity issues related to recovering addicts, and domestic violence.

GOAL III: NAK Union Behavioral Health initiative promotes pro-social and pro-familial activities as strategies to prevent further crime by exposing 100% of program participants, at minimum, to appropriate programming.

Objective A: 100% of program participants will actively participate in one or more of the following: mental health and/or substance abuse counseling, educational activities, stable employment, community service and restitution, victim recovering addicts mediation, support networks and family service activities and other programming specified in the recovering addicts treatment plan.

Performance Indicator 1: Written verification of attendance and dates of attendance by the respective service providers will be maintained in the recovering addict’s treatment plan file. 

Performance Indicator 2: Verification of attendance will be maintained in the recovering addicts participant’s re-entry file as well as in NAK Union Behavioral Health program information system.