Nak Union’s Holistic Addiction Treatment Center – The Doorway To Sustainable Recovery!

Nak Union Behavioral Health holistic addiction treatment programs offer some of the best drug rehab and treatment facilities in the region. We follow the combined Mind-Body-Spirit approach for the holistic treatment for addiction issues of patients that enroll at our center. Since our inception, we have helped several drug addicts recovering from the ordeals of their dependencies. We recognize the barriers to successful holistic drug treatment and can therefore serve patients with a secure and supportive living environment in our beautiful residential treatment center.

What Nak Union Union Behavioral Health Offers?

Our holistic addiction treatment program cares for the patient’s mind, body and soul as well as his/her spiritual needs. Our treatment is all inclusive and concentrates on making a person healthy on all fronts – physically, emotionally and mentally. Our addiction management programs include:
• Supportive therapies and treatments like massage, acupuncture etc.
• Recreation and fitness related activities like meditation, yoga and other.
• Health-care and nutritional diet plans for each of our patients.
• Comprehensive spiritual counseling.

Complete and Individualized Care for All the Patients at Our Holistic Drug Treatment Center:

We, at Nak Union Behavioral Health offer a comprehensive, creative and highly affordable residential holistic drug rehab facility for individuals trying to come out of addictions. Our exceptional rehabilitation program employs a multi-disciplinary approach towards drug addiction, with the help of our dedicated team of professionals including fully licensed and certified counselors, physicians, psychiatrists and nurses. Our team specializes in treating drug addiction patients through detailed diagnosis, individualized holistic addiction treatments and complete support.

Pioneering Holistic Drug Rehab for addiction issues:

By building upon creative and guaranteed drug rehab methods, Nak Union Union Behavioral Health has won acclaim for the effectiveness of its holistic drug rehab program. We have integrated an exclusive set of some of the most all-inclusive therapeutic methods to make sure that each patient’s interest is sparked and constantly motivated to work towards a sustainable recovery. Through successfully amalgamating these holistic addiction treatment elements, we hope to provide each of our patients with a long-lasting recovery solution from their addictions along with a positive and joyous life.