Nak Union’s Behavioral Health

NAK Union Behavioral Health a top-notch addiction recovery and treatment program. We are one of the leading addiction treatment programs in Atlanta, completely committed to helping individuals in rebuilding every aspect of their health and lives. Our friendly and helpful staff will guide individuals as well as their friends and family through the all-inclusive treatment required to create a strong foundation for an addiction free life. Our staff focuses solely on serving patients with a balanced life-style with the help of the enhancement programs offered at our addiction recovery center. Our team of health-care professionals strives to deliver affordable and faith-based substance abuse, alcohol and drug addiction treatments at our treatment center.

The treatment commences with a comprehensive assessment performed on the patient followed by the designing of an all-inclusive treatment plan by our highly experienced team of doctors, psychologists and counselors. Our substance abuse treatment program offers our patients with a completely secure and supportive environment for curing their addiction problems. We offer a wide variety of treatment options including addiction counseling, motivational enhancement, medical and psychiatric support, behavioral treatment, relapse prevention and self-assistance.

What Nak Union Behavioral Health Offers?

• Gender receptive addiction treatment for both men and women that are 18 years old and over.
• All-inclusive assessment services for all of our patients inside their settings.
• Complete health-care and many other amazing professional treatment programs at our treatment center.
• Comprehensive treatment facility.
• Family and teen 18 and older addiction recovery programs.
• Other professional addiction recovery support services.

Take Your First Step towards Addiction Recovery with Nak Union Behavioral Health:

Our dedicated staff keeps a constant watch on patients’ medical condition and provides weekly updates about each patient’s progress. So, don’t wait any longer. Take your first step towards addiction recovery and get an absolutely fresh start on life. Contact us TODAY to speak to any of our addiction treatment professionals!