Together We Can Win the Fight with Group Counseling

NAK Union Behavioral Health was designed with the recovering addict in mind.  We offer a client centered recovery approach…

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Friendship-Group Therapy-Cognitive Thinking

While battling addiction, addicts that are aggressively using, many have shattered relationships with family and friends

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Determination-Psycho Therapy

Drug addiction is a multifaceted illness distinguished by powerful and, at times, unmanageable drug desire, along with…

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Breaking the Chain of Addiction with individual counseling

Since drug abuse and addiction have so many scopes and disturb so many aspects of an individual’s life, healing is not simple…

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Nak Union Behavioral Health is a not for profit institute specializing in providing ground-breaking recovery based treatment for people who are struggling with any sort of addiction. Our program is focused to serve men and women above 18 years of age who are struggling with chemical dependencies. We apply a multi-disciplinary group approach to drug and alcohol addiction treatment. We are a top notch addiction recovery and treatment facility offering care and support to all our residents. We have many individuals to recover successfully. We are committed to help them in rebuilding every aspect of their health and lives.

 Comprehensive Alcohol & Drug Treatment

At  Nak Union Behavioral Health we treat every disorder such as alcoholism, drug addiction, dual diagnosis, and other substance abuse, with the help of highly trained and experienced professionals. We offer gender receptive residential addiction treatment for both men and women that are 18 years old and over. Our assessment for all patients integrates a wide range of medicinal components to create a complete treatment program. We believe that inclusion of structural social activities will help our clients in building self-sufficiency.

We try to identify the root of the issues that have resulted in the addiction and make a plan to resolve them accordingly. We help in determining and removing all the negative thoughts and behavior and feelings, so that it will help you in controlling and letting go of your addiction. Our friendly and helpful staff is always present and attentive and helps you to heal emotionally and physically so that you can join the world as a new person.

Leading the Way to Sobriety and Drug Free Living

Nak Union Behavioral Health is affiliated with the United Way.

Nak Union Behavioral Health receives clients from Ridgeview Ridgeview Institute, Anchor Hospital, and many others.